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In Cyberjaya, we focus our energy in creating impacts for the community and the environment by tapping into technology. Working collaboratively with the city’s stakeholders, technoprenuers and community, Cyberview is taking the lead in transforming Cyberjaya into an empowering and sustainable smart city.

Cyberjaya’s Growth as
A Smart City

Leveraging Technology in the Smart City.

In Cyberjaya, we focus our energy in creating impacts for the community and the environment by tapping into technology. Working collaboratively with the city’s stakeholders, technoprenuers and community, Cyberview is taking the lead in transforming Cyberjaya into an empowering and sustainable smart city.

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Cyberjaya’s cityscape and its young population of early tech adopters create a unique landscape for the testing and initial rollouts of smart solutions. Over the past several years, adoptions of solutions have been gaining momentum and are community-focused, bringing about opportunities to transform, improve efficiency and create changes in the way we live and experience the smart city.
Investing in a greener future, Cyberjaya is committed to creating a sustainable environment. It is to be the first smart and low carbon city in Malaysia by 2030 by leveraging on ‘smart’ tech & urban planning elements to establish an environmentally responsible and sustainable approach to development.
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Cyberjaya Smart City Roadmap

Phase 01 (2021 - 2025)

Technology Build-Up

Phase 02 (2026 - 2030)

Solutions Growh

Phase 03 (2031 - 2040)

Solutions Intensification

Cyberjaya Smart City Framework

Cyberjaya Smart City Framework was conceived based on four crucial key drivers:









Cyberview is actively and continuously establishing an ecosystem that allows innovation, empowerment and participation of citizens, businesses and other stakeholders in shaping a shared future in these priority areas.

Let's Join Forces!

Collaboration is key in building a Smart City. Join us in making a better future, here at Cyberjaya.

Join us in this exciting journey into the future.

smartcity framework environment 1

Smart Environment

Improving efficiency and quality of infrastructure in Cyberjaya

Technology should not be at the expense of the environment. Efficient use of energy and resources, as well as intelligent solutions should not only improve efficiency but also promote sustainability.

smartcity framework infrastructure 1

Smart Infrastructure

Increasing productivity and quality of lives

‘Life without Lag’ is a distinct possibility at Cyberjaya, courtesy of sophisticated IT network and fast internet connections system via Cyberjaya Metro Fibre Network (CFMN). The city is currently working on ensuring 5G connectivity for Cyberjaya that will further elevate the smart city experience.

smartcity framework economy 1

Smart Economy

Improving economic activities using smart and innovative technology

A smart approach to economic activities will not only improve efficiency, it will also open up new markets and elevate productivity and economic output. Digital technology and fintech are among the foremost enablers in this area with many products on offer.

smartcity framework society 1

Smart Society

Engaging the community and enhancing quality of life with technology

Our community is central to all our efforts in the smart city. The smart city agenda has among its focus the city’s liveability, and this includes aspects of safety and security. Tech solutions are the way forward and are deployed in ensuring optimal quality is experienced by the Cyberjaya community.

Cyberjaya Last Mile Connectivity


The Cyberview Living Lab Pilot programme has a unique opportunity to include new ideas and technologies into developing more effective public transportation system for the city.

Cyberview worked with MRT Corp to resolve the first and last mile issue by offering on-demand ridesharing services in the new MRT Stations at Cyberjaya to increase the number of available connections between transit stops, specifically at the MRT Cyberjaya City Centre, MRT North Station and MRT Putrajaya Sentral.

Cyberview Living Lab Pilot introduced the micro-transit and shared mobility program in Cyberjaya since 2021 throughout the city.‌ The programme had facilitated TRYKE and KUMPOOL into the Cyberjaya ecosystem. Their smartphone app allows users to unlock a bicycle or book a carpool service from several locations around the city.

Cyberview is continuously improving the Smart City ecosystem and we welcome innovators to connect with the city’s services both digitally and in the city. For stakeholders of Cyberjaya who wishes to incorporate the location information of the last mile stations in their locality, please write in to [email protected].

TRYKE Stations

  1. Beethoven Symphony Hills
  2. BMW Malaysia
  3. Bus Stop @ Quill 4
  4. Bus Stop @ Shaftsbury Square
  5. CBD Perdana 1
  6. CBD Perdana 2
  7. Century Square
  8. CoPlace 10
  9. CoPlace 11
  10. CoPlace 7
  11. CoPlace 8
  12. CoPlace 9
  13. Cristal Serin Residence
  14. Cyber Heights Villa
  15. Cyberia Crescent 1
  16. Cyberia East Entrance
  17. Cyberia South Entrance
  18. Cyberjaya Mini Park
  19. Cybersquare Bus Stop
  20. Cybersquare East Entrance
  21. Cybersquare Entrance
  22. Cybersquare South Entrance
  23. Cyberview Office
  24. D Melor Guardhouse
  25. Dashbox Hotel Entrance
  26. De Cyber Boutique
  27. Domain 1 Entrance
  28. DPulze Main Entrance
  29. DPulze North Entrance
  30. DXC Technology
  31. Eclipse @Pangaea
  32. Experian Main Entrance
  33. FTMS Malaysia
  34. Garden Plaza Condominium
  35. Gardenview Residences
  36. Gem-In Mall Bike Parking
  37. Glomac Bus Stop
  38. HSBC Bus Stop
  39. Hyve Soho
  40. J Corner
  41. Jaringan Ilham
  42. Kanvas SoHo Bus Stop
  43. Kenwingston Square Garden
  44. KFC Edusphere
  45. Lake Point Residence
  46. Lakefront Homes
  47. Lakefront Homes 2
  48. Lakefront Residences
  49. Lepironia Gardens
  50. Lim Kok Wing
  51. LiuLiu Gardens
  52. MaGic Cyberjaya
  53. Malakat Mall
  54. Masjid Raja Haji Fisabilillah
  55. Masjid Raja Haji Fisabilillah 2
  56. McDonalds Cyberjaya
  57. McDonalds Edusphere
  58. MDEC
  59. Mirage by the Lake Guardhouse
  60. Mix Cafe Smoke Lounge
  61. MMU Bus Stop
  62. MMU Hostel Entrance
  63. Mutiaraville Entrance
  64. MyNews @ Opera Clubhouse
  65. NTT Main Entrance
  66. Old Town White Coffee Entrance
  67. Padi House
  68. Perdana Lake Cyberjaya
  69. Plaza Crystaville
  70. Quill 18
  71. Radius business park
  72. RekaScape Entrance
  73. Serin Residency
  74. Shaftsbury Main Entrance
  75. Shaftsbury Residences
  76. SME Technopreneur Center
  77. Star Sentral Bus Stop
  78. Starbucks Entrance
  79. Stesen Monorel Medan Tuanku
  80. Symphony Hills Entrance
  81. Taco Bell Cyberjaya
  82. Tamarind Square Drop Off
  83. TanYaa Hotel Entrance
  84. Tapak Urban Street Dining
  85. Tasik Cyberjaya
  86. Tech Mahindra Entrance
  87. The Islands
  88. The Place MyNews Entrance
  89. Third Avenue Main Entrance
  90. University of Cyberjaya

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  1. Bank Islam Cyberjaya (CBD Perdana 2)
  2. Beethoven Symphony Hills
  3. Bio-X Centre
  4. CBD Perdana 1 (Saba Restaurant)
  5. Century Square Bus Stop
  6. Ceria Residence Cyberjaya (Entrance)
  7. Cottage Walk Bus Stop
  8. Cristal Serin Residence (Main Entrance)
  9. CUCMS Bus Stop, Persiaran Teknokrat 3
  10. Cyber Heights Villa
  11. Cyberia Crescent 1 Condo (Main Entrance)
  12. Cyberia Crescent 2 (Main Entrance)
  13. Cyberia Gate 2
  14. Cyberia Smart Homes Guard House Gate A
  15. Cyberjaya Hospital
  16. Cyberjaya Smart School Complex(Bus Stop)
  17. Cyberview Resort & Spa
  18. Cyberview Sdn Bhd
  19. D’Pulze Cyberjaya Bus Stop
  20. Domain 1
  21. elc International School
  22. Futurise Center
  23. Garden Plaza
  24. Gem In Mall
  25. Glomac Bus Stop,Persiaran Teknokrat 3
  26. HSBC Group Service Centre (Bus Stop)
  27. Jom Corner (J Corner) Bus Stop
  28. Kanvas SOHO (Bus Stop)
  29. Kenwingston Square Garden (Main Lobby)
  30. Kolej Universiti Sains Kesihatan Bus Sto
  31. Kompleks TM Bus Stop, Persiaran Sepang
  32. Lake point Residence (Entrance)
  33. Lakefront Homes
  34. LakeFront Residence (Entrance)
  35. LakeFront Villa (Entrance)
  36. Lim Kok Weng University (Barat) Bus Stop
  37. Lim Kok Weng University (Timur) Bus Stop
  38. Malakat Mall
  39. Masjid Fisabillah Bus Stop
  40. McDonald’s – Cyber 5 Bus Stop
  41. McDonald’s @ Edusphere Cyberjaya
  42. Menara Hasil Cyber (Utara) Bus Stop
  43. MMU Bus Stop, Persiaran Multimedia
  45. MRT Cyberjaya City Centre Bus Stop
  46. MRT Cyberjaya Utara Station Bus Stop
  47. MRT Putrajaya Sentral Bus Stop
  48. Mutiara Ville Residence-Persiaran Sepang
  49. Neo Cyber
  50. Padi House Cafeteria and Deli Cafe
  51. Park & Ride Putrajaya Sentral
  52. Prima Avenue 1 Bus Stop
  53. Putrajaya Central
  54. Rekascape (Parking Lot)
  55. Schubert Guard House
  56. Sejati Residences
  57. Selangorku PR1MA Lakefront Homes
  58. Serin Residency (Main Entrance)
  59. Setia Eco Glades(Setia Marina 3 Entrance
  60. Shaftsbusry Square Bus Stop
  61. SK Cyberjaya 1 (Main Entrance)
  62. SMK Cyberjaya
  63. SP 38 Cyberview Garden Villas (Bus Stop)
  64. SP 39 Perdana Lakeview East (Bus Stop)
  65. SP 43 Perdana Lakeview West (Bus Stop)
  66. SP 45 Cyberview Garden Villas (Bus Stop)
  67. SP 52 UNIMY Bus Stop, Persiaran Apec
  68. Sports Arena Cyberjaya
  69. Star Central
  70. Star Grocer Cybersquare
  71. Surau Al-Hidayah (Bus Stop), MMU
  72. Symphony Hills Cyberjaya
  73. Taman Tasik Cyberjaya Roundabout Entranc
  74. Tamarind Square Bus Stop
  75. Tan’Yaa Hotel by Ri-Yaz
  76. Tapak Urban Street
  77. The Arc Cyberjaya (Bus Stop)
  78. UNIKOP
  79. Universiti Islam Malaysia Bus Stop
  80. University of Cyberjaya (UoC)
  81. Verdi Eco-dominiums
  82. Wisma Shell Bus Stop

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Cyberjaya’s Successful Pilot Projects

Screenshot (90)


Last Mile On Demand In-City Shuttle

The KUMPOOL pilot project was a 3-month duration pilot from July till September 2022. The initiative received outstanding acceptance from Cyberjaya commuters during its piloting stage which enabled them to increase the number of vehicles to 9 just for Cyberjaya coverage alone and altogether achieving 198% from its targeted ridership. The ride-pooling platform plans to continue its momentum and in keeping with the city’s ESG framework, KUMPOOL will be converting its vehicles into Electric Vehicles (EV) once the group’s locally developed EV Bus is ready. Handal Indah Sdn Bhd, the company that started KUMPOOL spotted a strategic business opportunity in the smart city industry, ventured into innovation and developed its KUMPOOL service as part of the last-mile connectivity service which was very well received. As of January 2023, KUMPOOL gained 5,000 Cyberjaya users, rendered 59,000 ridership in the span of 210 days and serviced an average 2,000 riders in Cyberjaya every month.

Screenshot (89)

Tryke Mobility

Ride Sharing Micro-Mobility Service

TRYKE is a micro-mobility solution which provides ride-sharing micro-mobility services powered by electric scooters, bicycles and, more recently, motorbikes. TRYKE’s micro-mobility has been well accepted among the Cyberjaya community especially students. 25% of rides are used for commuting while the rest for recreation, almost double from 2020. This has caused a 3.88% mode shift for short-distance in-city travel to micro mobility for commuting. Among TRYKE’s expansions include providing light weight and autonomous micro cars over the next 3 to 5 years. Since resuming services in August 2020 after the initial phase of restrictions were lifted, more than 150,000 people have utilised the e-scooter, helping to avoid over 100,000 kg of CO2 emissions from motor vehicles, while maintaining an average trip rating of 4.2/5.0 and zero insurance claims. 

Screenshot (88)

Urban Farm Tech

Urban Farming with IOT

Urban Farm Tech (UFT) is a Malaysian startup founded in 2016 that focuses on developing innovative and sustainable urban farming solutions. It began its journey in Cyberjaya as a Pilot Project installation at Rekascape. Being part of Cyberview’s Living Lab Accelerator programme, UFT received various exposure and market access facilitations. UFT’s activities around Cyberjaya includes urban farming workshops, hydroponic farming, working with community gardening and sustainable agriculture education. It had recently established an Urban Farm Hub in Cyberjaya, which serves as a space for research, development, and collaboration on sustainable agriculture projects.

Screenshot (87)


Car Sharing Market Access

SOCAR made its first public introduction into the Malaysian market through its maiden implementation in Cyberjaya. With the Living Lab Pilot facilitations, SOCAR had access to enabled parking setups at 30 locations surrounding the city in major high traffic areas such as shopping malls and commercial areas. SOCAR is currently available in 7 cities; the Klang Valley, Penang, Ipoh, Seremban, Melaka, Johor Bahru and arrived in Kota Kinabalu. As of early 2023, SOCAR Malaysia has a fleet of over 2,000 cars, with 1.5 million registered users and more than 15,000 monthly active users.

smartcity pilot tmsmartparking


Smart Parking

Govicle Sdn Bhd (formerly known as JomParkir Sdn Bhd/ Jom Parking) is a leading technology company championing compelling innovations that provide a competitive edge. The company’s growth prospect is to be the first and largest Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) tech company in SEA.

Having conquered the parking industry as one of the pioneers of digital parking payments, Govicle has made its mark in the startup ecosystem through several startup programmes including but not limited to Cradle’s Coach & Grow Programme, the Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre’s (MaGIC) Global Accelerator Programme and Cyberview’s Living Lab Accelerator Programme.

The company has now expanded its business and will be introducing Malaysia’s very first V2X oriented super app focused on providing a large suite of services including Smart Parking, Smart Servicing, Smart Agent, Smart Security and Smart Ticketing. Govicle will pioneer as an Operating System that unbundles the tyranny of apps with the aim to build the first vehicle data exchange in SEA.

smartcity pilot tmstarttraffic

TM’s Smart Traffic Analytics & Recognition System

Smart traffic management system

This collaboration between Cyberview and TM’s Intelsec aims to improve traffic management by utilising the Internet of Things (IoT). The first phase of the project covers Persiaran Multimedia where the traffic lights are upgraded with LTE-equipped controllers that run video cameras with systematic capabilities. The cameras are equipped to analyse traffic volume conditions and remotely manage traffic to switch and re-programme busy intersections to reduce traffic waiting time. This system is currently being installed in Kota Bharu and expected to be extended to other cities such as Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Iskandar Region.

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