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Driven by a vision to be the hotbed for all things tech, Cyberjaya has emerged as the forefront hub of technological revolution, with innovation as the core component of its DNA.

The Global Technology Hub

Cyberjaya ticks all the right boxes for a conducive tech platform that stimulates ideas and fosters growth. Today, the hub is the capital for Malaysia’s largest tech community, making it the preferred investment location by many – from established companies to aspiring startups.

In addition to its world-class infrastructure, Cyberjaya offers a strategic location where innovative companies can thrive and grow while enjoying the support of a great community. This city is currently home to more than 900 businesses encompassing global and regional multinationals, with a population of more than 144,000 creators and innovators, and the number is still growing!

Come join us and take the tech world by storm.

Malaysia Is the Place To Be For Success

#3 on The English Proficiency Index, 2019

Malaysia has the third proficiency in Asia after Singapore and Philippines (EF Education First)

#3 on Global Services Location Index, 2019

Malaysia ranks 3rd as a global outsourcing destination (A.T. Kearney)

#22 on The IMD World Talent Ranking, 2019

Malaysia is able to develop, attract and retain talent for companies as confirmed by the #20 business school in the world (IMD)

#22 in The IMD World Competitive Yearbook, 2019

Malaysia is perceived well abroad through various competitive factors as confirmed by the #20 business school in the world (IMD)

MYR31.7 Bn of Foreign Direct Investment, 2019

Malaysia is a top destination for international investors Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA)

#12 on Easy of Doing Business Index, 2019

Malaysia ranks 12th globally and 2nd in ASEAN as it's regulatory environment is conducive for business (World Bank)

More Than 5,000 Foreign Companies, 2020

Malaysia has to date attracted more than 5,000 foreign companies from more than 40 countries Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA)

Cyberjaya Quick Facts




population of creators and innovators


knowledge workers




Malaysia Digital Status companies (including MNCs)


other business entities


startups nurtured


data centres in Malaysia with >90% of existing co-location data centres located in Cyberjaya


revenue generated by tech companies in 2021


investment generated by Malaysia Digital Status Companies in 2021

Cyberjaya Advocates

The most exciting part of the Cyberjaya story, is its people. The tech ecosystem and its distinct DNA, attract and nurture some of the nations’ brightest minds.
Meet the Cyberjaya Heroes – homegrown innovators and entrepreneurs whose ingenuity and grit, not only fueled their trailblazing achievements, but also enrich this Capital of Creation.

Kamarul A Muhamed

Founder & CEO of Aerodyne Group

“People love the environment in Cyberjaya. There’s room for us to grow. Cyberview has been helping us facilitate our growth. And that’s one of the factors that we like about being in Cyberjaya.”

Yin Kee Wong

Managing Director, ENGIE Services, Malaysia

“Data infrastructure and connectivity are highly stable in Cyberjaya. A ready supply or access to power and water utility solutions are typically needed for companies. Cyberjaya is a perfect location for foreign investments.”

Mohd Shahiman Sulaiman

CEO, TUSAS Malaysia Sdn Bhd

“Abundance or availability of the right talents in electronics, one of the key decisions for us to start our operation. The infrastructure itself that supports the requirements for us to do our business here. Cyberjaya is a nice area that offers that kind of environment.”

heroes nizam

Nizam Razak

Founder, Monsta Studio

“We thrive through Cyberjaya’s robust talent pool that gives Monsta the edge in the creative industry. We have been here since 2010 because of the complete ecosystem, state of the art facilities, access to funding and robust talent pool that give our business the edge.”

heroes noorhelmi

Noor Helmi Noor Hadzmi

Founder & CEO, IX Telecom

From Cyberview Living Lab Enterprise

“Cyberjaya’s sound tech ecosystem is critical to our growth. From local startups to global tech companies and MNCs, customers to early adopters, incubators and accelerators, fastest internet and many more. Just name it. They have it!”

heroes leon

Leon Sing Foong


From Cyberview Living Lab Accelerator

“Cyberjaya has all the key elements that make it a neighbourhood which truly defines sustainable living. In this community, you are given access to a great network of young and vibrant individuals who interconnect, consisting of talents in the IT industry and university students.”

heroes khairil

Dato’ Khairil Adri Adnan

Founder & CEO, DreamEDGE

“Cyberjaya is great as the community here is as passionate as we are in driving innovation and technology. This makes it the perfect hub to grow our business ideas into cutting-edge services and solutions.”

heroes thyaga

Thyaga Rajan

CEO, Basis Bay

“Cyberjaya provides mature infrastructure with an attractive cost structure. A potent combination that has benefitted businesses such as Basis Bay.”

heroes timothy

Timothy Wong

Founder, TRYKE Transportation

From Cyberview Living Lab Pilot

“As a young start up, the Living Lab program enabled us to quickly go from 0-1. Cyberjaya truly is a petri dish of the future jam packed with a diverse community, modern infrastructure, and a progressive mindset, all of which afforded us the freedom and flexibility to test, improve and scale our product”

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