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From our humble beginnings as a landowner to our current role as a Tech Hub Developer, we have evolved to become a key player in  developing  a tech ecosystem  for  creators and  innovators. 

Our Story

From our humble beginnings as a landowner to our current role as a Tech Hub Developer, we have evolved to become a key player in developing a tech ecosystem for creators and innovators. Growing from strength to strength, and transforming as the city grows, Cyberview is now primed to take on a pivotal role of driving the future development of a global technology hub – supporting and driving economic prosperity and sustainable liveability through technology and innovation. 

In 1996, Cyberview was founded as the landowner of Cyberjaya – itself an ambitious national undertaking with the specific aim to leapfrog the nation into the age of knowledge economy. This was the beginning of the Cyberview story.
In 2005, Cyberview took on a more active role in the development of Cyberjaya as a Facilitator, and this was followed by a take on greater responsibilities as the Cyber City Manager in 2011.
With a renewed commitment to further strengthen the position of Cyberjaya from a nucleus of the Malaysia Digital to a Global Technology Hub, Cyberview became known as a Tech Hub Enabler in 2015. Through this role, Cyberview held the responsibility to ensure that a potent and holistic tech ecosystem that forms the foundation of the Global Tech Hub was put in place.
Cyberjaya was to be our very own showcase of a thriving Global Tech Hub, fully equipped with resources, infrastructure, knowledge workers and many other key factors necessary to create an attractive and viable tech ecosystem for companies of various maturity levels to build upon.
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Vision & Mission

The Vision

Leader in the development of Sustainable Global Technology Hub

The Mission

To provide a sustainable ecosystem for the preferred investment location for technology companies

Mandate from the Government of Malaysia

Cyberview is mandated by the Goverment of Malaysia to:

1Develop three tech clusters in South Cyberjaya and for Futurise to lead the National Regulatory Sandbox initiative
2Reactivation of the Cyberjaya Implementation Council chaired by the Chief Secretary to the Government with advisory and facilitating roles, in matters of decision-making pertaining the development of Cyberjaya
3Cyberview and the Ministry of Finance are to increase efforts in attracting Research & Development and information technology companies to operate in Cyberjaya

Quality Policy

Cyberview is a government-owned company mandated to drive the growth of a holistic Global Tech Hub (GTH) ecosystem in Cyberjaya. We are committed to achieving customer satisfaction by providing quality products and services, delivered on-time and on-cost. We accomplish this through optimal use of resources, efficient processes and continual improvements of our system.


From landowner to Tech Hub Developer, we have come a long way since 1996 to be where and what we are today. Follow our journey to be at the forefront of the technological revolution.


milestones 01

As landowners, we established basic infrastructure in Cyberjaya to enhance its attractiveness and increase the community’s quality of life.


milestones 02

Our role evolved to facilitate the selling and leasing of land, constructing buildings, and supporting government certified ICT companies via Cyberjaya development.


milestones 03
Cybercity Manager

As the manager of Malaysia’s Cybercity, our role involves driving the growth of Cyberjaya as a premier ICT Hub.


milestones 05
Tech Hub Enabler

Evolving even further, our main aim was for an Open Cyberview that will transform Cyberjaya into a Global Technology Hub.


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Tech Hub Developer

From enabler to developer, our goal is to drive the growth of Cyberjaya as a Global Technology Hub that will support and drive economic prosperity.


Our shareholders share our vision for growth and prosperity on a global scale.We are supported by the Malaysian Government and industry leaders with specific expertise in investments and development and technology; perfectly positioning us to support businesses and investments. 

Shareholding Structure


Cyberview Group Structure

Our vision is to transform Cyberjaya into a Global Tech Hub by making it a liveableSmart City. To achieve this, our subsidiaries play a specific role each, from development activities, property investments, to environmental sustainability as well as through innovation and regulatory support.

CSB DevelopmentSdnBhdwas incorporated in 2012 to expand Cyberview’s investment in Cyberjaya. The company focuses on property investment and development activities with the aim of strengthening Cyberjaya’s competitiveness in infrastructure, connectivity, services andliveability. A joint venture agreement with MRCB Land was formed in 2015 todevelop 21.6hectares of land in the first phase development of Cyberjaya City Centre. The phase consists of commercial blocks, an integrated lifestyle and retail arena, serviced residential complexes and a conventioncentre.

Incorporated in 2012, CSB LandSdnBhdis primarily involved in property investment in Cyberjaya. To support the growing community and to enhance livabilityin Cyberjaya, it entered into an unincorporated joint venture agreement withGadangBerhadin 2014 to develop an integrated development called Laman View across 109-acres of land which consists of double-storeylanded terraces, condominium, PR1MA housing and commercial developments.

Megajana is a joint venture between CyberviewSdnBhdand ENGIE Services MalaysiaSdnBhd.Megajanaprovides District Cooling System services to buildings in Cyberjaya, a chilled water service for thecentralisedair-conditioning system in our buildings. In return, it reduces energy consumption, lowers the operational cost of buildings and ensures environmental sustainability, which supports Cyberview’s goal of building a green city.


Futurise is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cyberview Sdn Bhd, a company under the Ministry of Finance which has been mandated by the Malaysian Government through the National Development Council (“NDC/MPN”) to lead the National Regulatory Sandbox (NRS) initiative that focuses to expedite regulatory intervention, deploy innovation and technology solutions and establish new innovation ecosystems. The initiative provides a forward-looking approach to regulation, allowing new technologies to flourish with minimal barriers by creating a controlled regulatory testing environment. Futurise plays an active role as the Public Policy Advisor for the industry and government, aiming to enhance Malaysia’s overall competitiveness through an inclusive regulatory framework that is imperative in shaping Malaysia for the Future Economy. 


Anti-Bribery & Whistleblowing

ourjourney antibribery


Zero Tolerance Towards Bribery and Corruption
Cyberview is fully committed to conduct all of our businesses is in an honest and ethical manner. In line with our policies and core values, we take a zero-tolerance approach to bribery and corruption. We are committed to act professionally, fairly and with integrity in all our business dealings and relationships wherever we operate and to implement and enforce effective systems to counter bribery and corruption.

ourjourney whistleblowing


Cyberview prides itself as an organisation that holds integrity at the highest level. Our belief in this ethos is reflected in our policies and the way we conduct ourselves. Any misconduct that goes against the spirit of integrity is not tolerated.

Alleged improper conducts and abuses will be thoroughly investigated. If you are aware of any such incident, please come forward and help us protect the integrity of our organisation.

If the complaint involves an employee, top management, or governing body, please email to: [email protected].my, fill in the Whistleblowing e-form, or contact the Head of Integrity and Governance Department at 03-83156048. However, if the complaint involves Cyberview’s Integrity Governance Department, please email your report to: [email protected]. Should you have any other enquiries concerning integrity, governance and corruption matters, you may email to: [email protected].

Your detailed description of the alleged misconduct will be required for us to proceed with an investigation. Please describe the incident as thoroughly as possible, including specific information such as who was involved, when it took place and where the misconduct was committed.

Cyberview commits to ensure that all disclosed information, including the identity of the whistleblower shall be treated withstrictest confidence and shall be dealt with in a transparent and independent manner.

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