Capital Playground Corporate Challenge

Calling for all companies in Cyberjaya. Time for a little healthy competition! In conjunction with the Cyberjaya 20 Anniversary celebration, we are bringing together businesses and companies in Cyberjaya for a day of endless FUN.

May 19, 2017


TSI Sports Arena

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Towards a Truly Smart City

SOMETHING is brewing at Cyberview’s collaborative workspace CoInnov8, a huge open space in the Cyberview building in Cyberjaya. Five young and aspiring Malaysian start-ups are working on financial technology (FinTech) and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and applications that soon will help turn Cyberjaya into a complete smart city.

Mar 27, 2017


New Straits Times

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The areas of technology are extensive and ever-changing. So our areas of focus are always evolving too. Cyberview Living Lab | Accelerator started back in 2013 with just 16 startups in the area of mobile applications, games and social. In 2014 we improved further our business model to include intensive coaching and even wider market access focusing on Cyberjaya’s Global Tech Hub blueprint focal areas. To date we’ve nurtured 50 startups under Living Lab | Accelerator, raising cumulatively RM22.3 million total revenues and creating 304 jobs with our amazing partners and programme managers; 1337 Ventures, WatchTower and Friends and Infinite Ventures.

New Batch is Open

We are on for our next batch of Living Lab | Accelerator. This time, with our collaborative partner, Finnext Capital, we are looking for brilliant ideas from startups in the areas of FinTech and IoT. No seed money then? How are we nurturing the growth of your startup? Our assistance comes in many forms. This time around you’ll get access for marketing, PR communications, roadshows, trainings, legal support IT support and more! Basically everything you need to grow and thrive in Cyberjaya, The Capital of Creation. Apply Now> 

What You Get

Value Added Services Up to RM50,000
Advice and Mentorship
Access to tech communities
Access to Vast Connection and Network.
Opportunity to pilot prototype in Cyberjaya

Our Process

Step 01
Step 02
Step 03
Selection & Formation of Startup Company
Step 04
Step 05
Market Access & Venture Acceleration

Success Stories

Here are just some of the successful startups that have made it.
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Money Match
Success Story MoneyMatch
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MoneyMatch operates a currency exchange platform that focuses on community building with technology to bridge the gap and connect individuals who need to exchange foreign currency.  MoneyMatch creates opportunities for entrepreneurs to trade (buy/sell) currencies without an intermediary among themselves with the help of the online platform it provides. MoneyMatch's vision is to exploit inefficiencies within the current financial system, disintermediate the industry and liberate the consumer. They secured a funding of $150,000 from Kosciuszko Holdings to roll out their currency exchange platform and they began operating with Cyberview Living Lab Accelerator since January 2015 under the supervision of tech accelerator Watchtower and Friends (WTF). 


Money Match
The Lorry
Success Story The Lorry
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The Lorry

Founded in September 2014, co-founded by Goh Chee Hau and Nadhir Ashafiq, The Lorry Online Sdn Bhd was an idea to provide on-demand transportation services throughout Malaysia, from household appliances to commercial cargo. It is an online-based platform to make it easier and faster for people to book a lorry.  Along the way, TheLorry received the funding through the Cyberview Living Lab Accelerator programme under WatchTower and Friends Accelerator which boosted business. Led by SPH Media Fund and participation from Silicon Valley-based Elixir Capital, the company successfully raised US$1.5 million (RM6.6 million) in Series A round. TheLorry will continue to expand as they plan to expand their business across Asia.


The Lorry
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